Hello everyone! firstly we would like to say sorry for the delay on getting the site updated after the christmas update, we have been very busy on creating new routes and consists to try keep you all entertained for many months to follow! We hope to get the first phase of the leeds to london route out before christmas as long as the team keep the pace they're going at! its a very hard move to create a route when the team are only used to building trains, but hopefully we will pull something 'out of the bag' for everyone. Class 180 consist. In the last update we explained the current stage the class 180 was at and the amount of work that had gone into it,  now we can finally say we have a version that we can release! which you will now find on the download tab at the top of the page, this is a 9 car version of the first hull trains livery, for those who wish to have it reduced to five car  you can easily go into the main folder > train.dat and change the number 9 to number 5;   #CAR 45 9 (this one) 45 0 23 1   and then go to the extension.cfg and open, select all the text and remove it, then copy and paste the text below in   --------------------------------------------(this is seperating the text dont copy this)--------------------------------------   [Car0] object = ext_view\gc\180-1.animated length = 22.19 axles = -7.0, 7.75   [car1] object = ext_view\gc\180-3.animated length = 22.19 axles= -7.0, 7.75   [car2] object = ext_view\gc\180-2.animated length = 22.19 axles= -7.0, 7.75   [car3] object = ext_view\gc\180-2.animated length = 22.19 axles= -7.0, 7.75   [Car4] object = ext_view\gc\180-1.animated length = 22.19 reversed = true axles = -7.0, 7.75           [Coupler0] Distances = 0.7, 0.7   [Coupler1] Distances = 0.7, 0.7     [Coupler2] Distances = 0.7, 0.7     [Coupler3] Distances = 0.7, 0.7 --------------------------------------------(this is seperating the text dont copy this)--------------------------------------     This should now create a 5 car consist, which for those on less powered machines should run smoother. this is still not fully complete and should be finally released as the full and finaly version in our next update, Along with the other two liveries.     Class 444 5,10 & 15 car consists We have also added the class 444, these are basic models with only the wheels added but we have added the 3D cab so users can have a taste of whats to come       leeds to london                                                                                    phase one         leeds to doncaster   Leeds to Doncaster is the first phase of the Leeds to London route to hopefully be released around Christmas  time this year, we are currently on the second stage of the first phase, in the first stage we had to lay down the main track and adjacent rail all the way to Doncaster with basic line side scenery added, this was complete around the first of this month.   We are now adding more scenery around the major stations to make them feel like Big citys and feel like you really are the driver of a train in a bustling city to city route, we have also added 1 train so far that runs on its own on an ajacent track at any speed stated in the animation so that we can now add trains  going in the same direction as the players train so we can in future simulate freight trains and slower commuter trains running on the slow lines whilst you're in control over 300 tonnes of High Speed train traveling at nearly two miles a minute, it should give you the feel of a really good network where you have the priority track on the main lines as you see the commuter trains waiting at lights whilst you have the right of way.   Stage three will be the final stage where the computer systems and lights are added and the final touches of the route are added, things like network rail crews fix broken signal and relay boxes, we have also got a speed restiction zone added where the adjacent track is been lifted and replaced by crews, but the timings will not be changed for this route so you will still need to try pull back the miles and arrive at stations on time, but without  speeding, which will hopefully give you a challenge!   This is the end of the blog for now, i hope you enjoy the new trains! Goodbye for now! The team.